Top 10 Best Desktop Printer Stands


The desktop printer stand will help you to have an organized office with everything in its right place. Whether you have a personal office or a professional office, it is very important to stay organized and clutter your way. If you expect good results and expect one of the best ways to ensure that you have a good printer stand, a productive working environment is very important.

However, to get the most out of your printer stand, you must first understand your current and future needs. Most people start with simple furniture that holds most items. But before buying a good printer stand, consider the near future. Printing and storage can increase in a short period of time and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on upgrading. Check the space available in the office and choose the printer that suits your very specific needs. Another factor to consider is the design of the printer, the material used to build it, and its standard size.

In this article, we reviewed some of the most ergonomic cause printers to make the work easier. Read and choose the one that best suits you.

10. Printer Stand with Wheels Under the Desk Machine Stand Cart

Printer Stands

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This printer stand is a nice choice with a sturdy design to hold printers weighing up to 88 pounds. Shelves are well reinforced and can hold a good amount of weight. The stand is a good choice for small offices with excellent shelf storage capacity for paper and toner. The stand can be easily assembled in 5 minutes without tools. It is supported by a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.

9.​ Safco Products 5206BL Under Desk Printer/Machine Stand

Safco Products 5206BL Under Desk Printer/Machine Stand

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The Safco printer stand comes with a printer cart under the desk, providing more storage space. The stand can be moved by wheels, making it easy to move around the office conveniently. It is very minimal assembly required and ready to use. The printer looks sturdy and compact with an overall weight capacity of 300 pounds. The steel structure makes it durable and the powder coat finish gives it a great and beautiful look.

8. Vertiflex Mobile Underdesk Machine Stand

Vertiflex Mobile Underdesk Machine Stand

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One of the impressive features of this stand is the great design that almost stands out in your office. The entire cart measures 21 x 11 inches at 11 inches, which is enough storage space for printers, personal copiers, and fax machines. Durable steel and wire construction ensures that you have a machine that is intended to last. It has a combined caster of four wheels that allows the user to move it easily.

7. Winsome Wood Piper Work Cart/Printer Stand with Keyboard

Wood Piper Work Cart/Printer Stand with Key board

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If you love your office looking at all nature, this wooden printer stand with storage is a great choice for you. The desktop printer stand comes with additional storage space in the form of a bottom drawer that allows you to store files and other documents. A definite choice that can be used without the need for an assembly. The cabinet is making a nice and good value stand for the user.

6. Safco Products 5206GR Under Desk Printer/Machine Stand

Under Desk Printer/Machine Stand

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The Safco 5206GR desktop printer stand has a laminate top and a mobile phone under the desk to store printing paper and other documents. The lower deck consists of a lower wire shelf that can hold up to 100 lbs. The overall weight capacity of the stand is 330 pounds. It’s a good choice for small offices and locations where users can easily navigate. It is durable with a coated finish with steel construction and good powder. The mobile wheels can be locked to two wheels to keep a stable stand in one position.

5. Safco Products 1855BL Scoot Under Desk Printer Machine Stand

Scoot Under Desk Printer Machine Stand, Black/Silver

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Like most Safco stands, this one also comes unique under a desk sealed from the side that makes your document completely safe from office dust and other dirt. The stand is compact and fits well in a small office with a sturdy laminate top for the printer. It consists of durable furniture grain with dirt and scratch resistance coat finish. You can easily move it with four wheels and lock the two wheels when used.

4. Vertiflex Mobile Underdesk Machine Stand, 21 x 17 x 11 Inches

Vertiflex Mobile Underdesk Machine Stand

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Vertigo Mobile is an ideal of a separate versatile printer table, personal copiers, and fax machines. It has a cart measuring 21×17 by 11 inches, which is a great storage capacity for other office papers. The stand gives a sturdy and durable construction built from steel and wire. The convenient bottom shelf is well designed with great additions.

3. Printer Stand With Wheels And Drawer Rolling Printer Cart Height Adjustable Stacked Mobile Cart

Printer Stand With Wheels And Drawer Rolling Printer Cart Height Adjustable Stacked Mobile Cart

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This desktop Printer Stand is a rolling cart with two compartments and a laminate top that provides ample storage capacity. This space is sufficient to store printers, copiers, and fax machines, but it also provides more space for toner and paper. You can easily adjust the height of the stand by allowing users to delete columns and add columns to meet their storage needs. It features a cable management system that helps keep your installation neat and beautiful.

2. Rolodex Wood Tones Collection Black Printer Stand

Wood Tones Collection Printer Stand

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This is a low-base desktop printer stand with a wide base and compartment for storing office files and documents. It is a great pick that holds up to 50 pounds in weight and is stable and sturdy. There are two shelves with two shelves above, which increases storage space for different files. It is nicely built with natural wooden grains that add some warmth to your office.

1. Victor Wood Printer Stand, 1130-5 Midnight Black

Victor Wood Printer Stand

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Victor Wood desktop printer Stand is our number one pick and is legitimately so with a smooth black matte finish that gives you excellent looks in your office. It comes with two shelves to fit the actual access space and folders and ream paper for managing cables. Two large drawers are for printer supplies. The brushed metal handle ensures that it is easily moved without problems.

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